[sane-devel] Success! 2.6.5 kernel, Agfa Snapscan 1212u!

Victoria Welch vykk3@comcast.net
Sun, 13 Jun 2004 15:53:21 -0700

Great progress here today :-)

On Sunday 13 June 2004 15:38, Victoria Welch wrote:
> Now if I can get it working as other than root, we'll be
> there.  xsane insists on picking up that tv tuner card no
> matter what.  I even copied over the AGFA:SNAPSCAN.drc
> over to my .sane directory and it is roundly ignored :-).

Turns out there is now a group "scanner".  Added myself to 
that, logged out and back in and we were in business.

I still have to choose between the tv tuner card and the 
flatbed.  Would be just as happy if the tv tuner didn't 
show up since xsane doesn't seem to like it enough to do 
anything with it.  If you delete the .drc for the tv card, 
it re-establishes itself as soon as you run xsane :-(.

-d, --device-settings file   load device settings from file 
(without ".drc")

Seems to be ignored :-(.

One last thing to fix now, but I can live with it if I have 

Any thoughts on this one appreciated.

Thanks & take care, V.
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