[sane-devel] microtek2 --shadow/highlight

Gene Stemple gene_s@vtc.net
Wed, 08 Sep 2004 14:48:48 -0700

ScanMaker V310 (parport) works fine both gray & color; but if any
of the /shadow/midtone/highlight/ options are changed from their
defaults (mode=Gray) then scan fails.  Both scanimage and xscanimage
fail the same way...

sane-backends 1.0.13; microtek2 v0.95; Debian distribution.
kernel 2.4.18; using modules ppscsi + onscsi.

"scanimage -d microtek2:/dev/sg1 --mode Gray --resolution 150 \
--no-backtracking=yes --shadow 80"
 From debug output it appears that process starts normally, i.e. the
same as successful scans, and proceeds thru "calculate_sane_params"
and "scsi_wait_for_image" before infinite Busy loop times out.

---> sane_start --> scsi_read_image_status = Busy (forever) until
retry count expires.

Are shadow..highlight not supported in ScanMaker V310?
Is this a known issue in microtek2 backend?
If not, what debug dumps would be most helpful for a bug report?