[sane-devel] configure check for locking fails as non-root ...

Julien BLACHE jb@jblache.org
Fri, 08 Apr 2005 17:42:02 +0200

Gerhard Jaeger <gerhard@gjaeger.de> wrote:


> sorry for the late response. 
> These are the problems, that I've expected, when introducing this
> feature. But I have no idea how to solve it! 

Well, disabling the locking if your check fails, instead of aborting
the configure script would be a good start :) Correcting the error
message would be good too, this one is misleading ;)

> Have you any idea how to solve such an issue?
> I'd like to have this feature and therefore I also added the
> possibility to change this default uucp-group:
> --with-group=your_group
> Any other comments?

The programs usually locking the serial port are run setuid root or
uucp or something, so they can write the lock file in /var/lock.

This is not applicable to SANE, because SANE's only the middleware
(and thus, cannot do setuid()).

Quite honestly, I have no (portable) idea. Maybe something based on
shared memory could work. If something comes to my mind, I'll share my
thoughts about that :)


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