[sane-devel] Genesys and Cannon Lide 35

Philipp Schmid Philipp8288@web.de
Fri, 06 May 2005 11:29:54 +0200

Hi Stefan,

>Hm, then I am confused now. Is it supposed to work or not?
It is not supported and it does not work.

>On my machine it looks like it is detected and several USB commands are sent. It
>freezes on some "bulk data send" and it looks like kernel attemt timeout (see
>also my first email with non-debug logs). I am at work now, so I can post
>detailed debug logs when I get home if someone is interested.
The low I/O functions of the backend seem to work basically (You 
probably see on your log). But the registers of the scanner controller 
gl841 (it is used by the canon lide-35, lide-50, lide-80 and other 
devices) are very different to the other genesys scanner controller gl646.

The current gensys backend supports the gl646 and is defenitely not able 
to handle the gl841 scanner controller and the lide-35. Our theory is 
that the scanner doesn't respond any more if the gl646 backend writes 
wrong data into the registers of the gl841.

Please look at the sane-devel mailing list, cause this topic was 
discussed only a few days ago. There is also a comparison between the 
register sets of the gl646 and the gl841 showing that the current 
genesys backend cannot work with the gl841 scanner controller.