[sane-devel] Nikon LS50

Ariel Garcia garcia at iwr.fzk.de
Wed Nov 2 08:45:34 UTC 2005

Hi Giuseppe,

> 1. I cannot test it against current CVS since alioth have a disk full
> problem, so I cannot update my three-days-old CVS copy;

don't worry too much about that, the cs2 backend did not change since a 
while ago

> 2. it seems that you use C++ style comments while the source is C. my
> gcc complain about it at line 1523 and 2680;

right, sorry.

> 3. you declare a variable 'i' at line 1524 and again my C compiler
> complain that you use a declaration after other statements in the same
> block;

ok, thanks. Was for patch clarity but will fix that

> Then, I tried scanning some b&w negative films I have, but i couldn't
> managed to do it: when using --negative=yes I got the error «scanimage:
> attempted to set inactive option negative». When I tried without the

you seem to imply that that kind of worked, in your next email, right? (you 
got the negative scanned but you see it all red)

> Moreover, I couldn't manage to select a frame. Sould I load the media
> before trying to select the frame? For example, I got this error:
> $ sudo env LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/local/lib \
> PATH=/usr/local/bin/:$PATH /usr/local/bin/scanimage \
> -d coolscan2:usb:libusb:2:2  --frame=0 --negative=yes \
> --resolution=800 > /tmp/load.pnm
> scanimage: rounded value of frame from 0 to 1
> scanimage: attempted to set inactive option negative

what if you use frame starting at 1?
i will test this myself, never did yet

> I made some tests with a color negative film, a b&w negative film and a
> color positive slide. Everyone of them seems to be working but I always
> see the color negative film scan as the only color scanned is red. Other
> colors seems to be missing, but if I save the color negative film scan

i will check the code for other adapters/negative film/infrared channel in 
more details one of these days. As i said, i was always working/testing 
with slides and no IR channel.

> Does the samples/pixel value indicate that I have three different
> bitplanes (red, green, blue) in this file? Do I have to think that gimp
> only show one of them? (gimp show the image as red only)

cannot help on this, no clue how the images are stored etc. Will take a 
closer look at the negative scanning though

> When I scan the slide (color positive film in a frame), the scan is
> perfect.


Cheers, Ariel

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