[sane-devel] command-line replacement for "Preview" + "Scan" in xsane

Hans Ekbrand hans at sociologi.cjb.net
Mon Apr 10 19:16:58 UTC 2006


Thanks for (x)sane, I like them very much, although I have only recently
started using them.

However, I would prefer to write little wrapper script that could wait
for a button to be pressed, and then automatically do what "preview"
and "scan" does in xsane (in "save"-mode). Pressing Alt-P, wait and
then press Ctrl-enter is good, but it could be enhanced even more.

I have looked into the manpage of scanimage, but I don't see the
functionality of "preview" (with "autoenhance gamma", "preselect
scanarea" and "autocorrect colors" all set) in xsane there. The
--preview=yes does not seem to automatically enhance the gamma value,
nor automatically select the proper region to be scanned (I use a
Transparency unit).

Is scanimage the right tool for this? Or could I configure xsane to
"preview" and then "scan" automatically, thus saving that keystrokes
and the time it takes to wait for the preview?

I use xsane 0.97 (in ubuntu breezy) and libsane 1.0.17 (from
ubuntu dapper).


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