[sane-devel] Plustek scanner - follow up

m. allan noah anoah at pfeiffer.edu
Fri Aug 4 16:18:25 UTC 2006

the permissions of the device file /dev/parport0 need to be changed.

in the old days, we would use chmod or chown. if you are still using 
kernel 2.4, this might work for you.

more modern systems do not have static device files on the hard drive, the 
files are created at each boot. so if you make perms changes, they will be 
lost at each reboot. there are a myriad of solutions to this, including 
hotplug/coldplug, udev, devfs, and resmgr. which one of those you need 
depends on which linux you are using, and how recently it has been updated 

fortunately, it seems that most distros have settled on udev, so things 
should hopefully settle down (tongue firmly in cheek)


On Fri, 4 Aug 2006, Immanuel CRC Office wrote:

> Immanuel CRC Office wrote:
>> Gerhard Jaeger wrote:
>>> On Thursday 03 August 2006 16:51, Immanuel CRC Office wrote:
>>>> Okay, so I'm getting somewhere.
>>>> Plustek OpticPro 9639P+, parallel port
>>>> using plustek_pp backend.
>>>> I have to run all as root so far.
>>>> scanimage -L gives:
>>>> device `plustek_pp:parport0' is a Plustek 9636P+/Turbo parallel port 
>>>> flatbed scanner
>>>> device `hpaio:/par/HP_LaserJet_1200?device=/dev/parport0' is a hp 
>>>> HP_LaserJet_1200 multi-function peripheral
>>>> (Great! I have two connected in series to my parallel port. Printer still 
>>>> works. Ideally, I want both connected and both working, so we're getting 
>>>> somewhere.)
>>>> When I do:
>>>> scanimage -d plustek_pp:parport0 -p > image.pnm
>>>> I heard a bit of sounds from the scanner. Then I got:
>>>> scanimage: sane_read: Error during device I/O
>>>> 1. Still can only do stuff as root.
>>>> 2. Need to fix error.
>>>> Ideas?
>>> Hi,
>>> I didn't follow the thread so far, so some hints might be doubled:
>>> - remove the printer from the chain as this might cause problems
>>>   (has also be stated by Plustek)
>>> - make sure to have any ECP mode disabled in BIOS (set the port to
>>>   SPP, BiDi or EPP)
>>> - for having access to the parallel port as "normal" user you have to
>>>   tweak probably the udev/hotplug settings depending on the distribution
>>>   you use
>>> HTH
>>> Gerhard
>> I switched it to EPP, removed the printer, and voila! I have a scan.
>> However, I only got a small scan (not full size of page), and the 
>> background is red. I'm trying to scan text to do OCR.
>> I tried a full page of text and the background isn't red, but the text is 
>> not high enough resolution at all.
>> I'll look into getting the it work with Xsane (have to get user to access 
>> scanner yet).
>> Any tips?
>> Crystle
> So I ran xsane as root (lots of warnings) and did a higher resolution scan 
> and did OCR, and it's decent!
> So, I just need to get the scanner allowed by sane for normal users and I'm 
> off to the races.
> I also have to try to have it work with my printer plugged in, but that's not 
> insurmountable.
> Thanks everyone for help. I may ask again if I can't get the scanner to work 
> outside of root.
> Crystle

"so don't tell us it can't be done, putting down what you don't know.
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