[sane-devel] Configuring SCSI-Scanner under SUSE 10.1

abel deuring adeuring at gmx.net
Wed Aug 9 10:48:36 UTC 2006

Daniel Spannbauer wrote:
> Hallo,
> if Yast would do his Job I don't have to set it up Manually. :)
> Now I've read the man-Pages but don't get forward.
> I attached the scanimage.log after debugging.
> Can anyboady figure out where the Problem is?
> In dll.conf there is now an entry "epson".
>>[epson] sane_init: sane-backends 1.0.18
>>[epson] sane_init, ># epson.conf<
>>[epson] sane_init, >#<
>>[epson] sane_init, ># here are some examples for how to configure the EPSON backend<
>>[epson] sane_init, >#<
>>[epson] sane_init, ># SCSI scanner:<
>>[epson] sane_init, >#scsi EPSON<
>>[epson] sane_init, ># for the GT-6500, comment out the previous line and uncomment the following line:<
>>[epson] sane_init, >#scsi<

you must remove the '#' from the line '#scsi EPSON'. See the
sane-epson man page ;)


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