AW: [sane-devel] Configuring SCSI-Scanner under SUSE 10.1

Daniel Spannbauer ds at
Wed Aug 9 13:21:34 UTC 2006


> According to your log, you have many backends enabled in dll.conf

Yes, that's right. I try'd that way AFTER Yast won't work for me :) . I
thought I deleted the self-compiled sane. But now I found at/usr/local/etc
another dll.conf an another Epson.conf. Now I deleted that stuff und
Installed sane 1.0.18 from your link.
Inmy Epson.conf theres only an entry "scsi EPSON", in dll.conf only "Epson".
Sane-find-scanner found the scanner, scanimage -L listet the scanner. All as
User root. Scanimae > /tmp/out.pnm worked also. But than with scanimage -L
theres no scanner until I only open the Epson.conf and save it. Than
scanimage -L is listing the scanner. But only 1 try, then open Epson.conf,
save it.....

As normal User scanimage -L don't list the scanner, /dev/sg1 has full

Can you give me a hint?



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> Betreff: Re: [sane-devel] Configuring SCSI-Scanner under SUSE 10.1
> Hello,
> On Aug 9 12:24 Daniel Spannbauer wrote (shortened):
> > if Yast would do his Job I don't have to set it up Manually. :)
> According to your log, you have many backends enabled in dll.conf
> which is not what we have in our sane package so that it looks
> as if you use a self-compiled version of sane-backends 1.0.18
> and then you should not complain that YaST cannot do its job.
> Furthermore it looks as if the SCSI stuff is disabled in your
> epson.conf (only "usb" seems to be enabled) which is (as far
> as I know) not the default so that it looks now even like
> a self-corrupted installation and then again you should not
> complain that YaST cannot not do its job.
> If you really think you must use the newest sane-backends version
> (even for your since-a-longer-time-supported-older-scanner), see
> ;-)
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> Johannes Meixner
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