AW: [sane-devel] Configuring SCSI-Scanner under SUSE 10.1

Johannes Meixner jsmeix at
Wed Aug 9 13:19:13 UTC 2006


On Aug 9 15:21 Daniel Spannbauer wrote (shortened):
> Inmy Epson.conf theres only an entry "scsi EPSON", in dll.conf only "Epson".
> Sane-find-scanner found the scanner, scanimage -L listet the scanner. All as
> User root. Scanimae > /tmp/out.pnm worked also. But than with scanimage -L
> theres no scanner until I only open the Epson.conf and save it. Than
> scanimage -L is listing the scanner. But only 1 try, then open Epson.conf,
> save it.....
> As normal User scanimage -L don't list the scanner, /dev/sg1 has full
> rights.
> Can you give me a hint?

I am afraid, I can't.
Please provide logs (as described before) so that we may have a
chance to see which obscure magic there is going on.
It looks a bit like SCSI problems but I am no SCSI expert
so that I cannot help you regarding SCSI problems.

Note that the generic SCSI device files (/dev/sg*) are assigned
to the real hardware devices in somewhat random order and some
USB mass-storage devices show up as generic SCSI device, e.g.
the cardreader unit in my Epson USB all-in-one device shows up
as /dev/sda and as /dev/sg0.

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Johannes Meixner
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