[sane-devel] Implementing Canon CanoScan D646U ex SANE driver?

ezzetabi ezzetabi at hotmail.com
Sun Dec 10 17:15:19 CET 2006

Hi everyone, I am an owner of the Canon in subject.

It is not supported by SANE atm, so I'd like to help implementing a 
driver for it.

Unfortunately I never worked on large projects or commercial quality 
products, but studying at the university I have a good C++ knowledge 
including advanced topics like multiple virtual inheritance, exception 
safe coding...

So, I guess SANE gives a common interface in form of a base abstract 
class and it needs the specific implementations of every scanner. So the 
operating system just need to know the SANE function and the virtual 
call system gives the correct commands to the scanner... It is so?

Where can I find what I need to start? In the D646U page the chipset is 
marked with a '?', should I open my scanner and check if the info is 
correct? And overall, how can I know the commands my scanner understand?

Any info is very welcome, please be verbose as you can...


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