[sane-devel] unsupported scanner info

m. allan noah anoah at pfeiffer.edu
Wed Dec 13 22:43:21 CET 2006

got my hands on a new kodak i1220, a duplex adf letter-sized scanner.
internal codename perhaps piranha?

scanner is a rather unusual tilting design, with some nicely cast 
magnesium parts, and a usb HOST port and some sort of other expansion 
port (power?) for connecting an external flatbed accessory? guts as 

2x wm8216 wolfsonmicro CCD/CIS ADC's
1x cy7c68013a-128axc cypress Ez-usb FX2 usb/8051 microcontroller
1x usb2502 smsc usb2.0 hub controller
1x idt 71v3556 ZBT SRAM
1x idt 71v124 static ram
1x MT 48LC16M ram

and, the brains of the operation:

1x ep2c20f484c7n Altera Cyclone II FPGA. neat.

i have windows usb traces, looks odd to me, almost entirely control 
endpoint work instead of bulk, but i did find a couple minor things like 
the serial number being transferred.

i will try to find some time to put these up on the web...


"so don't tell us it can't be done, putting down what you don't know.
money isn't our god, integrity will free our souls" - Max Cavalera

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