[sane-devel] Problems in 1.0.18, sane_fujitsu, USB fi5120C.

m. allan noah anoah at pfeiffer.edu
Thu Dec 14 20:55:18 CET 2006

On Thu, 14 Dec 2006, Lonny Granstrom wrote:

>>> 2. Help messages for -x, -y, --pagewidth, & --pageheight do NOT provide 
>>> proper
>>>  information, descriptions are all the same.
>> what messages do they provide? my copy says:
>>     -x 0..224.846mm (in steps of 0.0211639) [215.872]
>>         Width of scan-area.
>>     -y 0..863.489mm (in steps of 0.0211639) [279.364]
>>         Height of scan-area.
>>     --pagewidth 0..224.846mm (in steps of 0.0211639) [215.872]
>>         Must be set properly to align scanning window
>>     --pageheight 0..863.489mm (in steps of 0.0211639) [279.364]
>>         Must be set properly to eject pages
> Help messaages match - but references to ADF use dropped.

what does this mean, 'references dropped'? are you saying that these 
messages are ok afterall, or do you want the word 'ADF' in the last two?

>>>  (e.g., for ADF, both -l and -x MUST be used to properly mimic the missing
>>>         --pagewidth argument)
>> -l and -x are not the same as --pagewidth. the last tells the scanner the 
>> size of the paper so it can decide where the left margin on the adf is 
>> located. the other two set the location of the area that will be scanned. 
>> note that the pagewidth must be larger than the location you are trying to 
>> scan, or you will likely get an error.
> So this means what?
> The .17 command:
> "scanadf -d <device> --pagewidth 100.0 --pageheight 60.0"
> that produced correct results, a scanned image from the ADF 100mm x 60mm
> automatically centered [matching adjustable paper guide movements], now
> should be the .18 command:
> "scanadf -d <device> -l 62.4 -x 100.0 -y 60.0"
> to produce the same results?


scanadf --pagewidth 100.0 --pageheight 60.0 -x 100.0 -y 60.0

i guess that the 1.0.17 code must have locked the scan area to the size of 
the paper. i am not going to do that anymore, however, because some 
scanners (including yours) have overscan capability, where the scan area 
is a few mm larger than the paper on all sides. when combined with a black 
background, this makes deskew easier.

> RELATED: if I change the values to be EXACT: -? 60.0 => -? 59.9998 still get;
> "scanimage:/scanadf: rounded value of br-? from 59.9998 to 59.9998"

not sure about that. perhaps i am returning the wrong thing when the 
option gets set, i will look...


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