[sane-devel] Problems in 1.0.18, sane_fujitsu, USB fi5120C.

m. allan noah anoah at pfeiffer.edu
Fri Dec 15 13:42:32 CET 2006

On Thu, 14 Dec 2006, Lonny Granstrom wrote:

regarding the option help texts:

> My understanding was FLATBED used -l,-t,-x,-y & ADF used --pagewidth, 
> --pageheight.

ahh, i see your problem. pagewidth/height tell the scanner the physical 
size of the paper in the adf, they are not sent to the scanner when using 
flatbed. l/t/x/y tell the scanner where inside the physical area (paper or 
flatbed) to make the scan, and so, are used by both adf and flatbed modes.

i guess you always do full page adf scans, so have never used the l/t/x/y 
with adf. it worked the same under 1.0.17, except the backend would set 
x/y to pagewidth/height by default.

> Since you have "unlocked" scan-area/paper-size in .18 not sure where FLATBED 
> or ADF
> references should be included now.

very simple, t/l/x/y work on both, and only pagewidth/height are adf 

>>>>>  (e.g., for ADF, both -l and -x MUST be used to properly mimic the 
>>>>> missing
>>>>>         --pagewidth argument)
>>>> -l and -x are not the same as --pagewidth. the last tells the scanner the 
>>>> size of the paper so it can decide where the left margin on the adf is 
>>>> located. the other two set the location of the area that will be scanned. 
>>>> note that the pagewidth must be larger than the location you are trying 
>>>> to scan, or you will likely get an error.
>>> So this means what?
>>> The .17 command:
>>> "scanadf -d <device> --pagewidth 100.0 --pageheight 60.0"
>>> that produced correct results, a scanned image from the ADF 100mm x 60mm
>>> automatically centered [matching adjustable paper guide movements], now
>>> should be the .18 command:
>>> "scanadf -d <device> -l 62.4 -x 100.0 -y 60.0"
>>> to produce the same results?
>> try:
>> scanadf --pagewidth 100.0 --pageheight 60.0 -x 100.0 -y 60.0
> The command worked.
> This behavior is confusing:
> 1. Cannot use defaults for the other arguments when using
>    --pagewidth [Invalid Argument], but with -x it is recognized?

that is unfortunately up to the scanner. some of them will let you set -x 
bigger than --pagewidth, and i dont know which ones, so i try it on all.

> 2. Using -y without --pageheight does "lock" both in fi5120C ADF.

no, it does not. it just stops looking at the paper, and ejects whatever 
remains. if you use the double feed detection by length that is in the cvs 
version, this will cause errors.

> 3. Using -x & --pagewidth in combination versus -l & -x?

l sets the left margin of the area of the page you want to scan, just like 
on the flatbed. the only difference is that the flatbed measures -l away 
from the fixed margin of the glass, while the adf uses the paperwidth to 
determine where the edge of the paper is, and -l moves in from that spot.

> Will dutifully pass all 4 arguments in .18.

yes. you can think of the two 'areas' as being independent. you must give 
paper size, and you must tell how much of paper you want to scan. i will 
see if i can figure out how to default these like .17 did, and still keep 
the overscan capability. i will certainly try to clarify the help text for 
pagewidth/height, thanks for the suggestions.


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