[sane-devel] (solved) Umax AstraSlim SE doesn't work

Kai Timmer email at kait.de
Fri Feb 24 10:35:19 UTC 2006

with this configuration file the scanner is working:

# artec_eplus48u - SANE Backend configuration file
# The USB section:
# each device needs at least the following line:
# usb vendor-ID and product-ID
# Every device configuration in this file must begin with an usb entry.
usb 0x05d8 0x4009

# Path to the firmware file
# This file comes with the Windows driver
# The scanner won't work without it

option artecFirmwareFile /usr/share/sane/Artec48.usb

# for adjusting the default gamma values
#option redGamma         1.0
#option greenGamma       1.0
#option blueGamma        1.0
#option masterGamma      1.9

#Use this options to set the default offset and exposure time values.

option redOffset 0x28
option greenOffset 0x2f
option blueOffset 0x2f
option redExposure 0xac
option greenExposure 0x122
option blueExposure 0xeb

option vendorString "UMAX"
option modelString "AstraSlim 1200 SE"

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