[sane-devel] ADF detection

René Rebe rene at exactcode.de
Thu Mar 23 20:45:59 UTC 2006


> > Not for the "for the sake" changes like strings of modes, but for
> > certain parts of the coding, yes - these days. When you look
> > carefully on our homepage you will also see that due to our
> > relationship from the Linux work, Avision contracted us to do
> > the OS X TWAIN driver.
> >
> > (but so far the balance of that work is not that black). Linux work
> > is more profitable than OS X stuff (so far for us).
> cool. dont change anything just cause i want to. but i do think a little 
> more consistency between backends would be good...

Heh, I also recently changed "Line art" to "Lineart" and had the
Linux client folks change it in their code as well ,-) The avision
one was the only backend using the space IIRC. No idea how it
slipped in.


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