[sane-devel] Scanner artec 48U

cr cr at orcon.net.nz
Wed Sep 27 18:50:10 UTC 2006

Hi Dave

Iexplorer?   Does that mean you're running Windows?   If so, I'm afraid  this 
is the wrong list, because this is a list for users of Sane, which is a 
scanner program that (so far as I know) runs on Linux/Unix, MacOS X, even 
OS/2, but not Windows.   Sane is an application supplied with most Linux 
distributions and just needs the little 8k file I mentioned from the Artec 

To run the scanner under Windows you may need much more than that, you 
probably do need the Artec CD  (unless Windows XP has a general-purpose 
scanner driver already built in, it may do, I just don't know).

I'm sorry I can't be more informative, I haven't run Windows since W98.    All 
I can suggest is Googling for "Artec 48u under XP"  (or whatever your version 
of Windows is).   

(You're right, btw, about the file being hard to download, it seems to depend 
on browser settings or which browser you're using.   I'll try and fix that, 
but I'm afraid it won't be the answer to your problem).



On Wed, 27 Sep 2006 11:41, dave case wrote:
> Hi CR,I tried to down load the site you sent and it went to iexplorer and
> just kicked back off . I,m not a wiz at computers and don,t know all the
> ins and outs. I tried to go to artecusa.com,but there off line.Dave

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