[sane-devel] Bug in plustek_pp backend

Martin Anderseck martin.anderseck at gmx.de
Wed Sep 27 21:43:32 UTC 2006

Hi together,

upgrading from my former 32bit-system to a 64bit one I noticed a strange 
behaviour of my Plustek OpticPro 600P: It is recognized without any problem 
by scanimage -L. But when I try to scan it waits its 30 seconds until the 
lamp is heated up, then I can hear the motor bringing the lamp in starting 
position and directly afterwards the lamp is switched off. Then a short 
break, again the motor doing something, short break again and then the 
(switched off) lamp begins its travel over the scanning area. When it hits 
the end of the scanner it doesn't stop but still likes to continue what I 
always stopped by pulling the plug or hitting CTRL+C. With the same 
backend-version but in a 32bit chroot-environment the scanner works smoothly. 
When the lamp returns to its starting point it travels relatively silent in 
32bit. In 64bit it's a noisy sound.

Some information about the system I'm using:
Kubuntu on AMD64 3500+, all parport options (EPP, SPP etc.) tested in the 
meantime with no difference. 
libsane version 1.0.17-1ubuntu4
I also tested the newer backends including the daily CVS-snapshots with always 
the same result.
I always used the direct access to the scanner, no kernel module.

Best greetings and keep up the good work that enables me to still use my 10 
years old scanner! :-)

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