[sane-devel] Tevion MD90092 flat bed scanner, started to analyze

Jochen Lauber jochen.lauber at tiscali.de
Mon Apr 2 23:42:53 UTC 2007

Hello to everyone,

I bought a TEVION MD90092 flatbed scanner at ALDI Sued two weeks ago. Since no 
support for Linux is included, I started to write a backend derived from the 

My Email with  information request to the www.MEDION.de support was 
automatically answered with a not helpfull FAQ list, and since then I wait 
for a further answer. (The hope dies at last).  

With the USBsniffer under Windows XP I found out, that there is a lot of data 
traffic to the scanner beforer the slider moves at all. 
NOTE: A newer DbgViewer.exe can be downloaded at microsoft , which supports 
also XP.

However the USB trace with these tools is incomplete, data gets lost. -> so I 
will have to change the USBsniffer as well - OR -
Who could send me a tool for complete USB traces?

Now I found out, that the SQ113 chip revision has been updated and that 
additional registers are used , which are not documented in the mustek_usb2 
The bank switching register has not been addressed on my traces so far.

I now screwed the device up (be carefull with the flat ribbon cable) and found
an AMtek motor controller AMM56219 and a SQ100A2 as frontend toward the 
The SQ100A2 is presumably a service & quality made A/D converter, but the 
homepage http:\\www.sq.tw.com  is mostly in Taiwanese and I find no 

Can there please somebody help me with datasheets of SQ100A2 and SQ113A3.1, 
associated programmer manuals  and some explanation, what all is done before 
the motor moves?

Now after approx. 30 working hours, this seems a very big job, which I can 
only continue after receiving some valuable hints.

Yours sincerely

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