[sane-devel] hp3900.desc update

JKD jkdsoft at gmail.com
Thu Apr 12 16:57:47 UTC 2007

Description file "sane-backends/doc/descriptions-external/hp3900.desc"
can be updated to the one is attached.

hp3900 SVN version adds support for another scanner which seems to be
equal to ScanJet 4370 (at least uses the same windows drivers):

HP ScanJet G3010  (vendor: 0x03f0 product: 0x4205)

After updating that file, next scanners can be deleted from

:model "ScanJet 3800c"
:model "Scanjet G3010"
:model "Astra 4900"


 Jonathan Bravo Lopez

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; SANE Backend specification file
; It's basically emacs-lisp --- so ";" indicates comment to end of line.
; All syntactic elements are keyword tokens, followed by a string or
;  keyword argument, as specified.
; ":backend" *must* be specified.
; All other information is optional (but what good is the file without it?).
; See doc/descriptions.txt for details.

:backend "hp3900"
:version "0.9"
:manpage "sane-hp3900"
:url "http://sourceforge.net/projects/hp3900-series/"
:comment "Still Beta"
:devicetype :scanner

; -----------------------------------------------------
:mfg "Hewlett-Packard"
:url "http://www.hp.com"

:model "ScanJet 3800"
:interface "USB"
:status :basic
:usbid "0x03f0" "0x2605"
:comment "Works with resolutions equal and less then 600dpi"

:model "ScanJet 3970c"
:interface "USB"
:status :good
:usbid "0x03f0" "0x2305"

:model "ScanJet 4070 Photosmart"
:interface "USB"
:status :good
:usbid "0x03f0" "0x2405"

:model "ScanJet 4370"
:interface "USB"
:usbid "0x03f0" "0x4105"
:status :basic
:comment "Works with resolutions lower than 1200dpi"

:model "ScanJet G3010"
:interface "USB"
:usbid "0x03f0" "0x4205"
:status :basic
:comment "Not tested yet. Seems to be equal to hp scanjet 4370"

; -----------------------------------------------------
:mfg "UMAX"
:url "http://www.umax.com"

:model "Astra 4900"
:interface "USB"
:usbid "0x06dc" "0x0020"
:status :minimal
:comment "testing yet"

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