[sane-devel] scanner

Gerhard Jaeger gerhard at gjaeger.de
Mon Apr 23 07:20:19 UTC 2007

On Sonntag, 22. April 2007, JKD wrote:
> El Sun, 22 de Apr de 2007, a las 11:13:15AM +0200, guido dom dijo:
> > There must definitively be something fundamenally wrong with Feisty if such
> > a number of users are experimenting problems with their scanner (Iam too
> > with a canon N670U that is recognised but does not start).
> > 
> > Both SANE and UBUNTU should, in my humble opinion, already have reacted with
> > a patch or a solution (or an advice to buy another scanner!!!).
> > 
> May be it's not a SANE specific problem but kernel's experimental
> changes and updated libraries that conflict with binary verions provided
> by Ubuntu, and other distros. At least, testing with a backend (not
> related to your scanner), the one provided by distro didn't work and
> the same one compiled from SANE sources in Feisty worked like a charm.
> So one solution could be to compile SANE against current library versions
> in each distro and after testing its funtionability, notify maintainers
> to update their packages.
It is in fact a problem that has been introduced by the kernel-option
CONFIG_USB_SUSPEND (which is marked as experimental). Disable that,
recompile the kernel and the stuff should work. I also got some
success reports, where libusb has been recompiled.

- Gerhard

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