[sane-devel] Saned Service

Hugh McMaster dasjournal at gmail.com
Sun Apr 29 01:45:50 UTC 2007

Hi M. Allan Noah,

On 29/04/07, m. allan noah wrote:
> dont use -d :)
> On 4/28/07, Hugh McMaster wrote:
> > I am trying to use the Sane Network Daemon (saned) to access my
> > scanner.  However, while I can connect to sane, the service just exits
> > after finishing the connection.
> >
> > Here is some output from 'saned -d':
> > [saned] main: starting debug mode (level 2)
> > [saned] main: could not find `sane' service (Operation not permitted)
> > [saned] main: using default port 6566
> > [saned] saned from sane-backends 1.0.18 ready
> > [saned] check_host: access by remote host: my.ip.address.here
> > [saned] init: access granted to User at my.ip.address.here
> > [saned] quit: exiting

It would seem that if I do not use the -s or -d[n] flags, then saned
starts and then finishes immediately.  I can post the 'saned -d128'
output if you would like it.

When it says 'could not find 'sane' service', does this mean that the
path to the executable file is incorrect?


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