[sane-devel] Visioneer Problems

Robin Stewart s48264 at bluebottle.com
Tue Jun 5 21:53:14 UTC 2007

The above comments are in response to m. allan noah's email of 05/06/07
14:52 as quoted below:
> On 6/5/07, Robin Stewart <s48264 at bluebottle.com> wrote:
>>  The above comments are in response to m. allan noah's email of 05/06/07
>> 00:25 as quoted below:
>>  ok- as we covered recently, you have to upgrade the avision backend
>> with the one from rene's site. this will involve:
>> 1. downloading and extracting the sane source code
>> 2. downloading and possibly extracting rene's updated files
>> 3. replacing some files in the sane tarball with those from rene
>> 4. configure sane with the proper arguments to overwrite that provided
>> by your os
>> 5. make && make install
>> you still feeling game?
>>  I gave up last time because I was not able to follow the 
>> instructions to
>> the stage that I had a working scanner. I hoped that as some time had 
>> passed
>> it would be easier. So far it has easier as I have gained experience 
>> in the
>> mean time, but that list above is daunting especially as you tend 
>> think I
>> have the necessary knowledge on how to do this type of thing. As I 
>> need a
>> scanner working I will try.
> you are trying to use a newer scanner than your sane install, so
> unless you want to wait for the next release of sane or replace your
> scanner, you are going to have to learn :)
> i wont spoon feed you, but i will answer questions. start with step
> one: download stable source from www.sane-project.org, and use tar to
> extract the file. lets see how that goes,
I have d/l sane-backends-1.0.18.tar.gz and extracted the files to a temp

Rene had written to me saying:
> The XP 450 ID shoudl already be in the backend, at least my SVN
> development tree:
>   http://www.exactcode.de/site/open_source/saneavision/
> Can you copy the files from:
>   http://svn.exactcode.de/sane-avision/trunk/backend/
> Into your local SANE source and recompile sane-backends?
I had a look at the trunk/backend location and there are 3
subdirectories there:

Avision. c

Referring to te extracted files from 1.0.18 in the temporary Backend
Folder there are the same named files but avision.conf is in the
extracted files as avision.conf.in

I assume I copy the trunk/backend files into the Backend folder of the
temp directory, but what about the avision.conf.in?


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