[sane-devel] Intend to write driver(s)

Robert Brijder rbrijder at gmail.com
Tue Jun 19 07:13:58 UTC 2007

2007/6/18, drfiemost at email.it <drfiemost at email.it>:
> > Hello,
> >
> > I have the following two scanners.
> >
> > * Compeye Simplex 1236C,
> >   Interface: Parport USB.
> >   USB id: 0x05cb/0x1483
> > * Primax Colorado USB 19200,
> >   Interface: USB,
> >   USB id: 0x0461/0x0360
> >
> > The first one is mentioned on the sane website as unsupported, the
> > second one is not mentioned at all. The output of sane-find-scanner -v
> > -v with the second scanner connected is show below. My question is,
> > which scanner would be most easy to write a driver for (I would guess
> > the first one)? I would then try to write a driver for that one first.
> >
> > BTW: I have never before written a driver, however I can write in C
> > and I have read the SANE standard.
> >
> > Thanks,
> > Robert
> Hi Robert,
> I have an LG Electronics Scanworks 600U which is based on the same chipset
> of your Primax Colorado USB 19200 (as reported at
> http://viceo.orcon.net.nz/), so if you intend to develop a driver for that

Yes, I noticed that site too, and looked at the source code. It is
based on the windows source code. It is probably best to first
consider the E3 Driver patch Release 0.1 (which is most close to
windows source) instead of the latest 0.6. Version 0.1 is small and
easy to read while the versions after 0.1 seems to contains much
copy-paste's from other sources. The E3 chip seems to have quite an
easy interface, 32 8-bit registers with proper documentation of the

I do not have that much spare time, but I'll probably work on it on
some weekends. Of course, every help is very good. I think it is best
to indeed read first the sane standard, then probably read some
(relatively easy) sane-backend for usb-scanners and then read release
0.1 of the E3 driver.

All the best,

> scanner I'd like to help.
> I have some knowledge of C/C++ but no experience with SANE developing.
> If you're interested I'll start reading SANE documentation :)
> Best regards,
> Leandro
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