[sane-devel] Incorporating Brother Linux scanner drivers in next SANE?

Horst Herb subscriptions at gnumed.net
Tue Jun 19 07:32:21 UTC 2007

On Tuesday 19 June 2007 17:15, Johannes Meixner wrote:
> By the way:
> I assume, if Brother really has a free SANE scanner driver,
> they would know how to contact the SANE maintainers or the
> Linux distributors so that their free driver is included into SANE
> and/or into the Linux distributions so that their users get the
> nice "it-works-out-of-the-box" experience

I have a medical practice, and since we switched to "paperless", we need 
multiple scanners.

Our practice runs on Linux, including the outpatient department of the local 
hospital to which we are linked.

Due to the large volume of scanned documents, we go through a lot of scanners.

We threw our Brother scanner out because of the drivers issue - the binary 
drivers were tied to specific (deprecated) library versions.

All new scanners we buy we make sure that they will "work out of the box" 
prior to purchase (currently all Avisions and HPs) - I simply don't get it 
why hardware manufacturers refuse to do business with us and so many other 
companies like mine just because they stubbornly fail to release driver 
details or release drivers under FOSS compatible licenses

Brother is certainly missing out on business with us solely because of their 
driver policy.

Dr Horst Herb, MD
Principal, Dorrigo Medical Centre
Dorrigo, NSW 2453

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