[sane-devel] fujitsu 5120c --souce error invalid argument

patrick blanchard dspcypher at gmail.com
Tue Jun 26 01:31:16 UTC 2007

first, thanks to the sane team and the fujitsu backenders.

1.0.18 builds on ubuntu 6.06.1 and scanimage works well w/ most options that
i tested so far - color, batch... and i'm still testing different options to

however, the ADF Front, ADF Back, ADF Duplex option of course defaults to
ADF Front and any option passed to scanimage --source foo returns an invalid
arg. I think this is the reason why xscanner is broken btw, because it tries
to pass --source and returns an error. also, i am using scsi, and have set
scsi eeprom to the lowest async settings available. i'm testing for
synchronous and higher speeds right now

so here is my question. will you help me configure or change makefile to
build just for fujitsu 5120c? or, even better, to help me debug the backend
so the --source option works?

fwiw, i work w/ embedded systems and use simple makefiles only. however, i
am reading the auto* toolset documentation because i have an interest in
porting some of my projects. i plan on working this fujitsu backend as a
learning tool for the auto* toolset.

also, this fujitsu 5120c was chosen for it's duplex and insurance card
scanning ability - and specifically requested by a client for intallation
into a medical clinic. i don't really need xscanner to work but it would be
nice and i think once the --source option is working then xscanner will too.

thanks again to any and all replies.
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