[sane-devel] fujitsu 5120c --souce error invalid argument

Skorous skorous at gmail.com
Tue Jun 26 03:47:38 UTC 2007

I'm sure allan will respond to this shortly as he's pretty active on
the list but since I'm here right now: are you sure you're using the
argument properly? Have you tried quoting the argument ( i.e. --source
"ADF Duplex" )? I use those options with the 3091DC and it works fine
( same backend ).


On 6/25/07, patrick blanchard <dspcypher at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> first, thanks to the sane team and the fujitsu backenders.
> 1.0.18 builds on ubuntu 6.06.1 and scanimage works well w/ most options that
> i tested so far - color, batch... and i'm still testing different options to
> scanimage.
> however, the ADF Front, ADF Back, ADF Duplex option of course defaults to
> ADF Front and any option passed to scanimage --source foo returns an invalid
> arg. I think this is the reason why xscanner is broken btw, because it tries
> to pass --source and returns an error. also, i am using scsi, and have set
> scsi eeprom to the lowest async settings available. i'm testing for
> synchronous and higher speeds right now
> so here is my question. will you help me configure or change makefile to
> build just for fujitsu 5120c? or, even better, to help me debug the backend
> so the --source option works?
> fwiw, i work w/ embedded systems and use simple makefiles only. however, i
> am reading the auto* toolset documentation because i have an interest in
> porting some of my projects. i plan on working this fujitsu backend as a
> learning tool for the auto* toolset.
> also, this fujitsu 5120c was chosen for it's duplex and insurance card
> scanning ability - and specifically requested by a client for intallation
> into a medical clinic. i don't really need xscanner to work but it would be
> nice and i think once the --source option is working then xscanner will too.
> thanks again to any and all replies.
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