[sane-devel] Fujitsu fi-60F small document scanner

Rob Shortt rob at tvcentric.com
Fri Jun 29 19:06:54 UTC 2007

m. allan noah wrote:
> well, i ran the log you have thru spike4.pl, and its pretty much all 1
> or 2 byte reads/writes, other than the fw upload and an obvious indent
> query in Urb 28. you may never be able to find out the purpose of all
> those commands, but they can possibly be left out, or if not, you just
> repeat them.
>> Thank you for any further help!
> get a series of windows traces of small (resolution and scan area)
> color/gray/binary scans. post the raw ones where folks can see them.
> then clean them up with your choice of tools from the
> experimental/usbsnoop dir.
> take the attached libusb prog and use it to simulate one of those
> traces. keep your hand on the power cord :) and see if you can get
> blocks of data out of it.

Thanks.  I've also used the perl script that generates code using libusb
from the snoop log, compiled, and ran it.  It seemed to initialize the
scanner. :)

I will capture more logs and look at the other tools.  I'll keep you
updated on my progress.


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