[sane-devel] Re: Flatbed scanner that can scan to the edge?

Eur Ing Chris Green cl at isbd.net
Fri Mar 2 14:36:57 CET 2007

On Fri, Mar 02, 2007 at 02:01:30PM +0100, Felix E. Klee wrote:
> > I had access to such a scanner when adding support for it to the
> > epkowa backend.  And IIRC the 3490 needs to have the document centered
> > horizontally.  
> No, the problem exists in all directions.  I.e. the document needs to be
> more or less centered both vertically and horizontally.
> According to EPSON telephone support in Germany, the lowest priced EPSON
> scanner that can scan to the edge is the V700.  However, this scanner is
> overkill for my usage scenario.  While I want to make good quality scans
> of colored documents, I need only a resolution of up to around 600 dpi,
> and I rarely scan photos.  If I ever want to have my collection of
> photos and films digitized, then I'd probably consult a service provider
> and not do it myself.
My (oldish) Epson Perfection 1650 Photo certainly scanned to the edge,
but that's a discontinued model.  I have a V700 now.

> BTW, when doing test scans I also found out that the scanned area is not
> evenly lit.  This adds to the disappointment with the scanner.  Perhaps
> I'm expecting too much from a 100 EUR scanner.
No, I don't think so, *all* the scanners I have ever owned (an ancient
HP, a microtek, the Epson 1650 and now the V700) have scanned to the
edge of the glass.  They all have a pair of arrows pointing at the
corner where you should place a sheet of paper, hard against the
edges.  None, except the V700, was particularly expensive.

Chris Green

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