[sane-devel] sane-backends 1.0.19 Feature Freeze

Julien BLACHE jb at jblache.org
Mon Jan 7 17:34:03 UTC 2008

René Rebe <rene at exactcode.de> wrote:

>> Doesn't mean people don't use & need them anymore :(
> Yes, sure. And I'm a big fan of using old hardware for serveral reasons.

Hardware that doesn't break :-)

> That's why I have thel still in the shelf for tsting. But thing is it just
> works here. And I know at least the newer HP53xx have a newer
> ASIC variant I have not for testing.
> I only meant not to rush a revert for very few affected scanners when

I'm not sure it's only a few scanners. I've got 2 bug reports in a row
in a couple of days after sane-backends propagated to our testing
distribution. Given the userbase and the average scanning frequency
for the average user, it's possible that it impacts more hardware than
you seem to think.

> the new code adds support for lots of new devices and features.

Which is nice :)

> Btw. we should release the sane-backends way more often. So that
> even if there are minor regressions or some single new device IDs
> a new release can be done on a monthly basis.

That's something we should try to get at. The current release got
delayed because of an overall low activity and lack of a release
manager. Thought about starting the process quite a few times
actually, but never got around to doing it.

>> I'll see if the submitters can do that.
> Yes please. Comparision with my SVN tree would help, likewise.

Built, uploaded somewhere, and asked for the test.


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