[sane-devel] artec e+pro- vertical lines- some samples

m. allan noah kitno455 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 14 15:15:28 UTC 2008

On 1/14/08, Philip Aston <philip.aston at ntlworld.com> wrote:
> All are prints of as near to pure red blue green as I could find using
> drawing tools on MSword, printer is a Tallygericom colour laser, I see the
> fabric effect as horizontal/ vertical "tartan". To hopefully exclude this I
> uploaded "blue2.pnm" which is a slightly darker than mid blue from a
> flysheet of a book. Regards-Philip

yeap- looks like bad per-cell calibration in the blue and green
channels of blue2.pnm, but the red channel clearly shows the size of
the 'sub-units' that makeup the read head.

at this point, you would need to get some traces of the calibration
code in the windows driver (i prefer benoit's usbsnoop), and then
spend some time trying to improve the calibration the backend does.

unfortunately, the backend is unmaintained, and this kind of work is
hardwithout access to the scanner, so it looks like it's all you :)

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