[sane-devel] Canon_pp problem with ppdev

sane.20.bertrandb at spamgourmet.com sane.20.bertrandb at spamgourmet.com
Sun Oct 5 14:11:50 UTC 2008


I have a PC linux box with gentoo with kernerl 2.6.24 (same problem with
when the ppdev module is load i can't use scanimage nor as root nor
other user
'SANE_DEBUG_CANON_PP=100 scanimage'  give me
[canon_pp] detect_mode: Opening port 0x378
[canon_pp] detect_mode: Claiming port.
[canon_pp] detect_mode: Unable to claim port
[canon_pp] sane_init: Error detecting port mode on 0x378!

when i unload the ppdev module scanimage works but only for root. Even
users in lp group can't use scanner.

what's the right version of canon_pp to use with 2.6 kernel ?

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