[sane-devel] Scanning 8mm and 16mm films using sane

Jean-Michel Pouré jmpoure at free.fr
Sun Dec 6 08:53:29 UTC 2009

Dear friends,

The family gave me a lot of old 8mm and 16mm footage for scanning. Most
of it is 8mm, always without sound.

I am aware that I can do telecine. I have an HD cam with full image 24P
scanning. Though the films may be less than 24P. 

But .... if possible, I would like to avoid telecine and scan image by
image. The quality should be better and it opens the door of better

Then I plan to load images in Kdenlive and export as HD. I am aware that
the source film may not be HD, but I would like to preserve quality.

1) Is there some inexpensive hardware available for scanning films. I
mean less than 1000€. The scanner only needs to be able to load the film
image by image. Even if it takes days to scan a single film. Any
hardware is suitable for me even on eBay.

2) Would you be interested to add support for such a process in Sane?
Any idea on the state of image by image scanning under GNU/Linux?

3) I am part of Kdenlive team, responsible of web site. I think it may
be possible to produce add-ons for MLT to synchronise image position.
Though I did not study the technical needs.

If I were to invest, I would prefer to invest this money in bounties
producing free software rather than in services using closed software.
If anyone has development ideas and is interested in a bounty, please
get back to me. Of course, if the technical solution is already
developed there is no bounty. Only if the process is new and brings adds
on to SANE.

Thanks in advance.

Kind regard,
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