[sane-devel] Testing on Canon MF6580PL

Chris Bagwell chris at cnpbagwell.com
Mon Jun 28 17:17:51 UTC 2010

Oh, OK.  So one part of the problem is that pixma debug messages aren't
showing up.

Can the tester verify as a separate task if scanning is working with
twain-sane version of libusb though?  It seems it may be working now?

On debug output part, I see pixma is using some custom stuff to disable when
NDEBUG is present.  Seems pretty easy that externally included header
defines NDEBUG that pixma is including but not sanei_debug.h.

A quick test of that theory is to modify the file backends/pixma_common.h
around line 57 and change "#ifdef NDEBUG" to "#ifdef NDEBUGBLAAAA".  Also,
similar change needed at backends/pixma.c line 70.


On Mon, Jun 28, 2010 at 11:46 AM, Nicolas Martin
<nicolas0martin at gmail.com>wrote:

> Point is, for whatever reason, Pixma debug logs do not show up even when
> setting SANE_DEBUG_PIXMA to a correct level, only SANE_DEBUG and
> SANE_DEBUG_SANEI_USB produce logs, as showed up in the logs twain43 is
> providing.
> Just trying to figure out why this happens when compiled in this
> environment.
> Nicolas
> 2010/6/28 Chris Bagwell chris at cnpbagwell.com
>>> I've been fading in and out of this thread so I do not have total history
>>> of your logs.
>>> Loooking at only this log, it seems to show scanner working correctly
>>> while in test mode.  Can you do same debug logs but while doing an actual
>>> scan?  Does that work now with the patched libusb from twain-sane (does it
>>> generate a good pnm file)?
>>> Chris
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