[sane-devel] CanoScan LiDE 100 / Genesys gl843 driver status?

handigandy-sane at yahoo.com handigandy-sane at yahoo.com
Tue May 25 13:19:01 UTC 2010

Having a LiDE 100 is one of the few things keeping me tied to windows, I would like to see linux drivers for it. Even with my poor scholarship, I understand there is no existing driver for it. There is enough demand for it that I would have stumbled across it.

I have a bunch of questions about building a driver that will change depending on the previus answers ( mostly to the first question ). So
please bear with me.

The first question is the obvious question: is there an existing effort to write a driver for the LiDE 100? If so what is it's status? If dead would it make more sense to pick up the existing pieces or start fresh?

Software probing of my scanner indicates that it uses a Genesys GL843 chip, but some references on the net indicate it is really a GL847 ( including physical inspection ). For the sake of argument let us assume that it is a GL643.

The second question: are there technical specs on programming the GL843 available? Is there a reference implementation?

The third question is are there other scanners that use the GL843? Perhaps scanners that use a diffent communications interface eg SCSI, parallel port. If so are there OSS drivers for that scanner?

The fourth question are there and references on writing drivers for scanners? If so can someone recommend any?


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