[sane-devel] genesys and hp G2410: the size of geometry is incorrect

Andrey Afletdinov afletdinov at gmail.com
Wed Sep 22 03:11:31 UTC 2010

I tested a sane-backends-git20100921.

Device HP ScanGet G2410
Bus 006 Device 021: ID 03f0:0a01 Hewlett-Packard ScanJet 2400c

For A4-size paper, I had to use the options:
scanimage -y 145

Thus the device scans as the full size А4.
If I set parameter -y more than 145, then a scan is attempted with a
height that exceeds the
  height of the scan surface.

As a result: I receive the image compressed on a vertical approximately twice.

How it to correct? I can send a debug logs.

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