[sane-devel] mustek A3 1200 usb pro

giampaolo ferradini giampaolo.ferradini at gmail.com
Tue Jun 7 19:07:07 UTC 2011

hi guys,

i would be interested in being able to run the above scanner natively (i'm
using fedora 14), and as far as my understanding goes it is so far
unsupported.  i would be willing to put up some money for the job, up to

the hw is seen when plugged into the usb port (lsusb results is "Bus 001
Device 006: ID 055f:040b Mustek Systems, Inc. ") but is not recognized at
all by "simple scan" nor by xsane add-on in gimp.

i'm not very experienced, actually, but more than willing to help with more
data.  in the past i wrote a few more details in this thread:

solid arguments to develop support for this piece of hardware are that it
probably is one of the very few A3 scanners that can be purchased at a
reasonable cost, many help requests can be found googling the topic, and a
few more can be found in this post:
(actually the author of the post claimed he would be willing to commit some
$$ too...)

hope to hear back from someone able & willing to help :-)


giampaolo ferradini

h: +39 02 3653 9625
m: +39 335 677 0885
sk: giampaolo_f
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