[sane-devel] Segfault with xscanimage but not with scanimage

Thomas H. George lists at tomgeorge.info
Tue Oct 4 21:45:07 UTC 2011

My system is debian squeeze, my scanner is epson perfection 2400 Photo.

>From an xwindow terminal both xsane and xscanimage terminate with a
segmentation fault after the scanner is selected and the scan command is
given but before the scanner actually runs.

Both these programs will not fail when run by root, 

I have run strace -e trace=open,read,write,close xscan.  Scrolling
through the output I find the passwd file has been opened and read
successfully but the segmentation fault occurs just after another
attempt to read the passwd file with a different specification in the
read command.

I have also set SANE_DEBUG_XSCANIMAGE=4 and run xscanimage.  The
segmentation fault occurs just after scan_dialog.

As noted in the subject line scanimage > /tmp/fig.pnm run by user tom
works perfectly.  

All of this suggests there is a permission problem somewhere but I can't
find it.  Any suggestions?

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