[sane-devel] scanbd problem with dbus permission ?

Louis Lagendijk louis at fazant.net
Wed Feb 27 14:47:05 UTC 2013

On Wed, 2013-02-27 at 09:58 +0100, stout wrote:
> Hello,
> >>
> > A few notes:
> > scanbd_dbus shall be copied into /etc/dbus-1/system.d, that is what you
> > referred to I guess?
> Yes it is.
> > What do you use to start scanbd? Systemd? Scanbd apparently does not see
> > the scanner. What is set for SANE_CONFIG_DIR? Do you have a dll.conf in
> > that dir with the appropriate backend for your scanner listed? Does it
> > have the config file for the backend (if needed) in that dir? 
> > 
> Yes, I use systemd to start scanbd.
> No, the SANE_CONFIG_DIR wasn't set.

1) For scanbd (and scanbm) it should be set in the service files in
(/usr)/lib/systemd/system/scanbd.service or scanbm at .service:

Here is my scanbd.service:
Description=Scanner button polling Service

ExecStart=/usr/sbin/scanbd -f


see the environment setting.
Please note that the config dir must be different for scanbd and the
user. This is why we set it here for scanbd (and in scanbm.service for
scanbm) and point it to the directory where we have a dll.conf with
reference to the backend for the scanner and (if needed) the xxx.conf
for the backend.

2) For the user we need a dll.conf in the normal location
(often /etc/sane.d) where the dll.conf only has 
and the net.conf (with appropriate customization)

kind regards

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