[sane-devel] Fujitsu ScanSnap ix500 supported?

VK list-sane-devel at kutty.cc
Sun Mar 10 02:22:16 UTC 2013

VK <list-sane-devel <at> kutty.cc> writes:

 > I'll need to find some time over the weekend to tinker further, but my hopes
 > success are dimming since a Windows machine originally used with it can no
 > longer see it either.
 > If there's a trick to resetting this to a factory default state, that might

Problem solved -- it was a defective unit. Exchanged for a new sample that
behaves better.

sane-find-scanner finds it.

scanimage partially works. Correctly identified lack of paper, but when I
inserted a sheet and tried again, it started feeding the sheet and stopped with
the error below:

 # ./scanimage -p -T
 scanimage: sane_start: Document feeder out of documents
 # ./scanimage -p -T
 scanimage: sane_start: Invalid argument

I tried a few different times. I'm not familiar with scanimage. The reason I
tried test mode was because my initial "scanimage -p > /tmp/test.pnm" failed
with the same error as above about sane_start. Hopefully this is not user error.

I had git snapshot 20130305 installed, so I switched to 20130310 with the same

Also, is there a way to force a full feed of the sheet currently in the scanner?
When the above happens, it seems to be treated as a jam. I didn't want to
forcefully pull it out, so turning off + on the unit is the only option.


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