[sane-devel] Canon MF8200C Series

Troels Thomsen troels.pil.thomsen at gmail.com
Sat Aug 30 04:44:39 UTC 2014


It seems that there is a problem with mf8230 usb scanning.

I'm pretty sure I did the testing with the patches I got, but now when I
pull from git, it fails.
Was anything added/changed recently in pixma backend, that could influence
usb log attached.


2014-08-22 18:57 GMT+02:00 Louis Lagendijk <louis at fazant.net>:

> On Fri, 2014-08-22 at 18:45 +0200, Troels Thomsen wrote:
> >
> >         No dns server. Its a relatively freshly installed Mint,
> >         sitting behind a cable router with dhcp.
> > The is just chosen as static ip on the printer, because
> > the windows driver like it to be that way.
> Which is fine for the pixma backend, it will find it as long as you are
> on the same subnet.Everything will work as long as DNS does return
> somethig sensible for the reverse and forward lookups (or you defined
> the IP-address in /etc/hosts).
> (something sensible is return a hostname or a NXDOMAIN, it looks as if
> your DNS doesn't do that)
> >
> > Yes I removed everything else than net and pixma from dll.conf.
> >
> > As you probably saw, it worked much better when I was pointed
> > towards /usr/local/etc/sane.d/
> > :-)
> >
> > I'm still puzzeled on why the ./configure BACKENDS="pixma" trick
> > didn't work.
> >
> Check for "old" backends in the sane libdir
> (normally /usr/lib[64]/saneand in dll.conf if you compiled for the
> standard locations on Linux
> BR, Louis
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