[sane-devel] scanbd & Epson Perfection V37

alariym at gmail.com alariym at gmail.com
Fri Jan 10 12:58:02 UTC 2014

Trying to do a scan by pressing a button on the scanner.
Button works in the program "Image Scan! For Linux". But I can not get 
it to work with scanbd.

root at scaner:/# scanimage -L
device `epkowa:interpreter:001:010' is a Epson Perfection V37 flatbed 

This command does not expect to press a button on the scanner, but 
begins to continuously execute the script, which is written first in the 
file scanbd.conf.:

root at scaner:/# /usr/local/sbin/scanbd -d -f -c 
/usr/local/sbin/scanbd: debug on: level: 4
/usr/local/sbin/scanbd: dropping privs to uid root
/usr/local/sbin/scanbd: dropping privs to gid root
/usr/local/sbin/scanbd: drop privileges to gid: 0
/usr/local/sbin/scanbd: Running as effective gid 0
/usr/local/sbin/scanbd: drop privileges to uid: 0
/usr/local/sbin/scanbd: Running as effective uid 0
/usr/local/sbin/scanbd: dbus_init
/usr/local/sbin/scanbd: dbus match 
/usr/local/sbin/scanbd: sane version 1.0
/usr/local/sbin/scanbd: Scanning for local-only devices
/usr/local/sbin/scanbd: found device: epkowa:interpreter:001:010 Epson 
Perfection V37 flatbed scanner
/usr/local/sbin/scanbd: start_sane_threads
/usr/local/sbin/scanbd: Starting poll thread for epkowa:interpreter:001:010
/usr/local/sbin/scanbd: Thread started for device epkowa:interpreter:001:010
/usr/local/sbin/scanbd: start dbus thread
/usr/local/sbin/scanbd: Not Primary Owner (-1)
/usr/local/sbin/scanbd: Name Error (Connection ":1.107" is not allowed 
to own the service "de.kmux.scanbd.server" due to security policies in 
the configuration file)
/usr/local/sbin/scanbd: udev init
/usr/local/sbin/scanbd: sane_poll
/usr/local/sbin/scanbd: get udev monitor
/usr/local/sbin/scanbd: start udev thread
/usr/local/sbin/scanbd: udev thread started
/usr/local/sbin/scanbd: found 67 options for device 
/usr/local/sbin/scanbd: sane_find_matching_options
/usr/local/sbin/scanbd: found 5 actions in section (null)
/usr/local/sbin/scanbd: checking action scan with filter: ^scan.*
/usr/local/sbin/scanbd: found active option[2] mode (type: 3) for device 
/usr/local/sbin/scanbd: found active option[3] depth (type: 1) for 
device epkowa:interpreter:001:010
What is wrong?

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