[sane-devel] XSane scans correctly, scanimage command does not

anders at acidgray.com anders at acidgray.com
Fri May 8 11:05:26 UTC 2015

Hello there!

I have a strange problem. I own a Mustek A3 2400S scanner and after 
overwriting the SANE backend with Mustek's 32-bit driver I was able to 
have it communicating with my computer (Linux Mint 17.1 Rebecca). I also 
had to change some USB permissions in a udev rule and assign me to the 
"scanner" group - after that I could communicate with the scanner 
non-root too. But while XSane scans works fine, I have not managed to 
get it to work with even more simpler "scanimage" command, I tried a lot 
of different arguments to it too. It's making strange sounds etc., 
almost as it's trying to override the hardware specs (with Mustek on 
Linux you have to be careful). And of course, no actual scans.

So how come XSane manages to scan properly whereas scanimage CLI will 
not? Does XSane use some parameters/driver not included in my 
"scanimage" command?

I'm pretty sure I will turn my scanner into a toaster if I don't get 
this right soon - so any suggestions would be helpful! If you wonder why 
I insist on using scanimage instead of a GUI it's because I'm writing a 
bash script for batch processing.

For more information, please read my forum thread here:


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