[sane-devel] A Cooperation Message from Plustek Inc.

Richard Ryniker ryniker at alum.mit.edu
Tue Nov 1 18:11:34 UTC 2016

>Isn't requiring anything beyond the point 1 a teensy bit over-reaching?

Regarding binary stuff, no.  If some blob of firmware must be delivered
to the scanner, this firmware must be made available under terms that
allow it to be copied and used by anyone who wishes to have SANE operate
with a Plustek scanner.  I believe Plustek can retain intellectual
property rights in this data.

Many Linux distributions will refuse to distribute binary-only code to
run on the user's computer (a proprietary device driver) because it
conflicts with their own license terms.

There are two answers to the question "Who will prepare SANE code to
support Plustek scanners?"  Yes, Plustek could simply publish code and
say anyone who wants to adapt it for the SANE environment is welcome to
do so.  Certainly some people will look at it, and, if they think it
reasonable, may do this.

Assume this occurs, and many Plustek scanners are well supported by SANE.
What happens when Plustek builds a new scanner?  Who will want to go
through new Plustek code and do this again, when they have other things
to do?

A better alternative is to have Plustek adapt their code to SANE.  Surely
those with good knowledge of the SANE environment will answer questions
and offer advice on SANE best practices.  It is likely that Plustek
already has a software build process to create both Windows and Mac OS
products.  This could be enhanced to support SANE as a third target.  Mac
OS has substantial POSEX support, and Windows is moving in this direction
- it might not require much.

The great advantage here is that when Plustek develops code for their new
products, it happens in an environment where SANE is a supported target.
This should make SANE support for a new Plustek scanner almost automatic.

Whatever happens, plus marks for Plustek to consider this.

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