[sane-devel] ADF on Epson ET-4500 using epson2 backend not working

moutonbreton at gmail.com moutonbreton at gmail.com
Fri Nov 4 18:49:43 UTC 2016


I encounter exactly the same issue as the original author of this thread.

Le 16/09/2016 à 11:23, paddy-hack at member.fsf.org (Olaf Meeuwissen) a 
écrit :
> Roger Sewell writes:
> A compressed debug log, preferably over USB, would be helpful.
>    SANE_DEBUG_EPSON2=128 scanimage [options] 2> debug.log
>    xz debug.log
> should do the trick.
Please find attached the debug log you asked for. I managed to generate 
it by executing the following command:

     $ SANE_DEBUG_EPSON2=128 scanimage -p -d epson2:net: 
--batch='temp%d.pnm' --batch-count=1 --source=Automatic 2> debug.log

Information about my installation:

     $ uname -a
     Linux my-laptop 4.8.0-26-generic #28-Ubuntu SMP Tue Oct 18 14:39:52 
UTC 2016 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

     $ dpkg -s libsane
     Version: 1.0.25+git20150528-1ubuntu2

Hope this additional information will help.

Best regards,

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