[sane-devel] Feedback on Pixma backend and Canon MG6800

Eduard Huguet eduardhc at gmail.com
Mon Oct 10 06:59:37 UTC 2016

This is my first post on the list, so hello to all. I simply wanted to
post some feedback on the status of Pixma backend for the  Canon
MG6800. I've installed the  "sane-backends" package from Sauerland
repom on openSuSE 42.1, which were tagged as version
"1.0.25.git20160528". Device is a Canon MG6851 (the white one).

These are my conclusions so far:
- apparently, I can only access the scanner through WLAN: accessing
through USB doesn't work, although it's it seems to be detected but it
doesn't show up as an available device on XSane nor SkanLite
frontends. I might need to perform some more tests on this, anyway.
- scanning works almost flawlessly (at least, thought WLAN
interface): I can preview the image, perform the scanning, retrieve
the image, cancel an in-progress scanning , etc... with no major
problems so far.
- only problem found (other than USB access) is that scanning at 1200
dpi doesn't work properly, as the image retrieved is incorrect (it
looks like some kind of interlacing problem). Lower resolutions such
as 300 and 600 dpi seem to work fine, both in color and grayscale
mode. I'll post at example somewhere of an same image scanned at both
600 and 1200 dpi, so you can see what I mean with the "interlacing

Let me know if you need me to perform any other specific test, I'll be
glad to help.

Thank you very much for your efforts.
   Eduard Huguet

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