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Wed Apr 4 11:47:05 UTC 2018

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I' m just switch a PC system from Windows to Linux including an old Canon Lide 90 Scanner. I saw in Tour mailing list an old thread from 2008. Guillaume Gastebois and Pierre Willenbrock started at this time the development but did not finished it. I want to start a new attempt but all external links are in meanwhile invalid, so i got no base to start. Can somebody provide my the code written so far?

Thank you in advance

I actually also have a LiDE 90 I bought cheaply just to help development several years ago, but the hurdle was too much for me back then.

It would be nice to have another try though, so I will see if I can check out the git code and have a look to see the current status of the genesys backend.

Best regards,

Gernot Hassenpflug

Hi Gernot,
I also did so research on latest git version of sane backends. It seems that their code wasn't merged at all. Only a few snippets for an old thread (http://sane.10972.n7.nabble.com/Canon-LiDE-90-td11628.html) are available. They wrote that the GL842 chip used in the Canon Lide 90 is almost the same like then GL841 chip used in Canon Lide 35 and other older Canon Lide Models. As motor they assume it is the same like the motor in Canon LIDE 35, the analog frontend seams to be a Wolfson WM8192 (extracted from GL842 datasheet) or compatible. They assumed  CIS sensor used seams to be a compatible to the one used used in Canon Lide 35, but this model got only half of the resolution, so I think this assumption is perhaps not correct. I think Guillaume and Pierre developed an almost working code, but they have to give up on parametrisation of the AFE and black/white threshold, gamma correction, denoising etc. Since I'm working for an company which manufactures optical components I can use some test patterns for calibrating and can get perhaps some help of experts in optics.


P.S.: I will do some USB traces with wireshark2 tomorrow, for figuring out the differences compared to the gl841 chip.

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