[sane-devel] [SANE]connection through lan to usb scanner

Daniel MOYNE daniel.moyne at sfr.fr
Tue Apr 21 14:24:53 BST 2020

Le mardi 21 avril 2020, 05:14:52 CEST terryc a écrit :
> Short answer; Yes
> Detailed answer requres a bit more information please, like Network,and
> the scanner you are trying to access.
> If you have the skills, installing xsane, scanimage and sane-utils as
> needed may be all you need to get it going. Start with the "man xsane"
> and "also reads" (down the bottom) to see how you go.
ok here is a description of my home lan :
- DNS is activated
- both computers A and B are connected to a box via RJ45
- computer A called "gavarnie" has ip=
- computer B called "ossau" has ip=
- printer HP ENVY 4507 called "hp-envy-4507" has ip=192.168.50 and is 
connected to computer A via usb
- as my box connected via optic fiber is located in my garage in a metallic 
communication box I have disabled wifi on it but installed a wifi repeater on 
groundfloor called  "wifi-1- renkforce" with id= and  a wifi repeater 
floor called  "wifi-2- renkforce" with id= ; this allows me to have 
a full control on wifi which most of the time I do not need (I can switch them 
on when there is a need) as I have RJ45 connections available in different 
places ; printer HP ENVY 4507 is set listening on "wifi-1- renkforce"
- saned is using hpaio driver
the present situation:
- on computer A "hpaio:/usb/....." is working fine ; if "wifi-1- renkforce" is 
switched on "hpaio:/net/.....?ip=" is working fine but displayed  
in choice even if not available when "wifi-1- renkforce" is switched off (maybe 
due to hplip) ; in "/etc/saned/saned.conf" I have added the ip of computer B
- on computer B if "wifi-1- renkforce" is switched on "hpaio:/net/.....?
ip=" is working fine otherwise I cannot reach my scanner ; the only 
way to reach it is to go through the lan as a saned client to the saned server 
; what I have done as a saned client:
- in "/etc/saned/net.conf" I only left "net" not commented (works on wifi even 
if "net" is also commented)
- in "/etc/saned/net.conf" I added the ip of computer A
- when I do : "xsane hpaio:net:" I get the following error 
 (xsane:17962): Gtk-WARNING **: 15:17:12.911: Unable to locate theme engine in 
module_path: "adwaita",

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