[sane-devel] Checking on how to contribute. Will 1.0.13 git be merged to master?

Adam Richter adamrichter4 at gmail.com
Mon Aug 24 04:29:05 BST 2020

Thank you, Olaf and sane-backend developers for the 1.0.31 release.  I
especially appreciate that this release includes a ./configure script
in the source .tar.gz archive and, for my purposes, that Michael
Niewohner's avision fix made it in.

Now that 1.0.31 is out, I am wondering what the preferred way is for
submitting minor contributions.

I was thinking that perhaps I should submit a pull request from github
to the master branch, but I am thinking that I should wait until
1.0.31 is merged into master, assuming that that is the plan.  Trying
this myself, I see that git can merge 1.0.31 into master without
requesting human intervention, and the resulting tree builds and works
with my Xerox DocuMate 152 (avision driver), which is not the case
with the master branch currently.

I am also thinking that, not having much experience with sane
development, I will first post my proposed changes here for comment,
even if they might seem a bit trivial.  I expect I will start with
that, but would welcome any instructions to do otherwise if there is
some more preferred way to go about this.  Thanks in advance for any
advice on this.


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