[sane-devel] Checking on how to contribute. Will 1.0.13 git be merged to master?

Olaf Meeuwissen paddy-hack at member.fsf.org
Mon Aug 24 09:47:56 BST 2020

Hi Adam,

Adam Richter writes:

> Thank you, Olaf and sane-backend developers for the 1.0.31 release.  I
> especially appreciate that this release includes a ./configure script
> in the source .tar.gz archive and, for my purposes, that Michael
> Niewohner's avision fix made it in.
> Now that 1.0.31 is out, I am wondering what the preferred way is for
> submitting minor contributions.
> I was thinking that perhaps I should submit a pull request from github
> to the master branch, but I am thinking that I should wait until
> 1.0.31 is merged into master, assuming that that is the plan.  Trying
> this myself, I see that git can merge 1.0.31 into master without
> requesting human intervention, and the resulting tree builds and works
> with my Xerox DocuMate 152 (avision driver), which is not the case
> with the master branch currently.

I'll be merging release/1.0.31 into master shortly.  Probably tonight.

> I am also thinking that, not having much experience with sane
> development, I will first post my proposed changes here for comment,
> even if they might seem a bit trivial.  I expect I will start with
> that, but would welcome any instructions to do otherwise if there is
> some more preferred way to go about this.  Thanks in advance for any
> advice on this.

Feel free to post patches here, `git format-patch` would be best.  You
can also fork the sane-project/backends project on GitLab.com and work
on a branch in your fork.  When you think it's ready you can create a
merge request against the sane-project/backends repository.

Whichever way you choose, just keep your changes focussed (and free of
willy-nilly whitespace and line-break changes ;-) so the reviewer can
focus on the important bits.

BTW, if you choose the fork/merge request way, you'll get the benefit of
our CI setup checking the code base and compiling it on a bunch of
distros to make sure you didn't break the build.

Hope this helps,
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